Monday, December 15, 2014

Don’t Mess With JoJo

Every morning, a water ski instructor had to get to her boat, which was anchored just off shore. She used a surfboard to paddle out. Apparently, JoJo would come along and try to play with her. One morning she got fed up and beaned JoJo with a paddle. Every morning after that, he would lie in wait and dump her off her surfboard. (I particularly like that story!)

    Mike Rosati who owned the water sports concession at Ocean Club was playing with JoJo just off the beach. Mike was getting cold and wanted to go in but JoJo wanted him to keep playing. JoJo wouldn’t let him out f the water. Mike finally slapped the water to make his point that he wanted the game to end. JoJo swam off apparently with hurt feelings. He didn’t come around to play with Mike for many years after.

Scotty, who worked at Club Med for many years, told me a story about a guest. She was in the water and trying to pat JoJo despite being told not to touch him. He finally had enough of her and gave her a body check leaving her with a bruise. She apparently then wanted to sue Club Med!!!!! What part of, “don’t touch wild animals” did she not get?

A man from Club Med tried to give JoJo a hug. JoJo slapped him with his tail. The guy was knocked unconscious.

Another lady tried to pat him and he bite her fingers.  

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