Thursday, February 11, 2016

Young JoJo

Edward a bone fisherman knew JoJo many years ago. It was around 1981when Edward and his brothers and sisters spent many hours playing at the beach. Some days JoJo would come by and play with them. He would allow them to hold his dorsal and would take them for rides.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

There Will Be No Water Skiing Today

A friend of Philips was all ready to be pulled up to water ski when JoJo surfaced between her skis twisted his body and over she went. JoJo totally enjoyed dumping this girl every time she attempted to stand up on her skis. This went on for a good hour.  His friend finally gave up and decided there would be no water skiing today!

JoJo and The Anchor

Many years ago Philip (joint owner of Big Blue) was out fishing with his brother. They had anchored their boat at an appropriate spot and started to fish. They noticed the boat was starting to move away from the spot they anchored it. They figured they needed to throw in again it must have been dragging. This happened a few times until they figured out JoJo was going down and moving the anchor!
I asked Philip how he knew this and he said he saw JoJo surface with the anchor on his rostrum!

Now Clifford’s story is sounding more believable!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Come Play With Me

Tim, who is the Captain of “Beluga”, once told me that JoJo would come to his boat wanting Tim’s attention. If Tim was not on deck, JoJo would pull the line to his tender down in the water so the tender would bump “Beluga” alerting Tim to his presence.


JoJo has been seen as far away as Grand Turk.


Told to me by a boat Captain. JoJo doesn’t swim in Grace Bay as much because he doesn’t like all the suntan lotion from the tourists in the water.

JoJo has a Sense of Humor

Dean Bernal who was one of the first people to befriend JoJo, was a dive instructor at Club Med. He would take his novice divers for lessons out in front of Club Med. He’d have them all in a circle as he gave them instruction. JoJo on occasion would herd a nurse shark into the circle and watch the pandemonium that would ensue. (Dolphins do like to antagonize nurse sharks.)

Scotty, who worked at Club Med for many years, told me JoJo would on occasion accompany the dive boats out to the reef. They would drop anchor and put their divers in. Upon looking back at the boat, they would notice it had moved. The culprit was JoJo!! He had moved the anchor. They now had to JoJo proof the anchor by burying it deep into the sand!

This adds a little more credence to Clifford’s story about JoJo moving his boat.