Monday, December 15, 2014

Come Play With Me

Tim, who is the Captain of “Beluga”, once told me that JoJo would come to his boat wanting Tim’s attention. If Tim was not on deck, JoJo would pull the line to his tender down in the water so the tender would bump “Beluga” alerting Tim to his presence.

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  1. I swam with JoJo off Tim's boat in 1989. Such a thrill to be towed behind the boat with JoJo swimming alongside with his happy dolphin grin. The first time he swam up and looked me in the eye: whoa. Like meeting a guru who can see right through you. Very humbling and profound.

    Tim told me a similar story of JoJo coming at night and bumping the hull to wake him for a moonlight swim.
    I'm In TCI now and reading one of your JoJo books. Makes me want to go out and find my old friend!